Pre-owned forklifts in excellent conditions from Toyota and Caterpillar brands, with various load capacities, fuel types, and tire options.

Forklift Toyota 8FGCU25

Toyota Forklift 8FGC25

Features of our equipment

If you want more information about our pre-owned forklifts or need assistance choosing the right model, our team is available to help you.

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We offer rental services of pre-owned forklifts from the Toyota and Caterpillar brands with load capacities ranging from 5,000 to 6,000 lbs, powered by LP gas or diesel, and equipped with high solid, smooth solid, and pneumatic tires.

They stand out for their unmatched quality and superior performance, with features such as exceptional durability and fuel efficiency.

Leaders in robustness, durability design, efficient performance, and advanced features, they offer maximum productivity and resistance for cargo handling operations.

Renting equipment allows you to have machinery tailored to your needs and adjusted to your requirements. You can rent our equipment while yours is being repaired or while waiting for your spare parts.

Benefits of renting

100% tax-deductible

No forced deadlines

Rentals by day, week, or month

You can change or alternate equipment

Allocate a minimum investment

Avoidance of increasing your assets

You do not need to spend on maintenance