Wide variety of tires for various machinery, terrains, and types of soil. Check the specifications of your equipment and select the one that fits the size.

700-12 High Solid And Air Tire

600-9 High Solid And Air Tire

16 x 5 x 10.5 Solid Black Tire

21 X 7 X 15 Solid Non-Marking Tire

Guide for tire selection

We explore with you a wide variety of tires designed to adapt to your specific needs and we will help you choose the tires that best suit your needs.

We are at your disposal for specialized advice!

If it is mainly indoors, non-marking smooth tires are ideal for delicate floors.

For heavy loads, high solid tires are recommended. Check the specifications of your equipment and select the tire that fits the required size.

Non-marking smooth tires are the right choice to avoid marks on the floor.

Opt for high solid tires with air, they offer a more comfortable driving experience.

Tire pressing service

Whether you purchase the tires from us or bring your own, our team will be ready to provide professional and efficient pressing installation service.

Characteristics of our service:

  • Certified professionalism
  • Versatility in brands and sizes
  • Efficiency and speed
  • Quality guarantee

What are the steps for the tire pressing service?


Contact us and book your appointment.


After your purchase, the service is immediately available.


If you bring your own, we will evaluate their condition and need for replacement.


We will install your tires with precision to ensure they are balanced and properly adjusted.


We will conduct performance tests for functionality.