We offer pre-owned equipment from international brands and tailored for diverse industries as well as different production environments.

Forklift 50C33


Truck FL-70 RA-0113


Dry Box 28″ CJ-9703


Backhoe RT-9029


Forklift 75C49


Forklift 75N27


Forklift 6CN02


Features of our equipment

Contact our team of experts to receive personalized assistance and help you choose the equipment best fitted for your needs and specific projects. 

We guarantee the perfect solution for your requirements!

Suitable to address a variety of loading and unloading needs. From compact models to more robust dimensions.

They offer versatility in construction and excavation projects, combining power and precision to handle demanding tasks with ease.

Ideal for the safe and efficient transportation of goods. Built with durable materials and with safety systems to ensure the integrity of your cargo.

The perfect solution to transport large cargo. These robust units provide a combination of load capacity and maneuverability.

Benefits of Purchase

More precise and efficient execution

Adaptability based on your needs

Ownership control

Operational efficiency

Increased productivity

Reduction of long-term costs

Salvage value